Welcome to ONYX Pharma (pvt) LTD

The Onyx Pharma was founded in 2005 in Kabul, Afghanistan, and began its operation in Kabul, Mazar-i-Sharif, Kunduz and Puli khomri, Onyx Pharma gradually enlarged its business and products that most of our products observable in small to big stations in all over of Afghanistan Markets, mainly covered product based the uncovered areas, we maintain our loyalty and satisfaction to have strong relationship with our customers as major suppliers of quality products in all stations of Afghanistan.

Onyx pharma plans to establish an excellent manufacturing facilities to world class branded and standard quality of products in Afghanistan.

Our Products


Cefiget (CEFIXIME) Powder for Oral Suspension 30ml when reconstituted


Zetro (Azithromycin)


Leflox (Levofloxacin)