About Us

The largest Distribution Network in Afghanistan. 

Onyx Pharma is the largest distributions network channel marketing of excellent pharmaceutical products in Afghanistan, which is renowned for its quality standards and efficacy of the products. We are committed to making the world a healthier place through the development marketing, production, and. We strive to achieve this objective by developing marketing and innovative products, which suit the needs of the patients globally and are superior in terms of quality, packaging, and stability. We proud on our strong relationship with our partners and keep sustaining partnership with well reputed and renowned organizations of the world.

Our Mission/vision & values

We are commented to provide tailored intelligent healthcare solutions based on the latest in professional Insights. We have constantly strived for a sustainable growth since our inception. This strategy is achieved by planning key alliances with leading global partners for marketing and distribution. We aim to improve the health of patients through continuous innovation in, effective marketing, manufacturing facilities, broad product portfolio, in-depth understanding of pharmaceutical regulations, partnerships and relationships.

Our business approach is based on understanding the environment in which our products are intended to be used. We specialized in adjusting our services to specific local requirements and customer challenges to ensure that our solutions make a sustainable impact.

Computer Technology 

Soft Touch I.T Solutions is a well known name of database & inventory software’s. On line sales up dates on daily basis from all stations of Afghanistan.

Our Supply Chain 

As a global supply chain leader, we will set the standard of excellence for provision of pharmaceutical solutions in demanding environments.

Our trusted expertise to deliver global supply chain solutions which meet the most demanding needs, we are committed to delivering quality solutions to our customers.